2014 California Winter House Concert Series

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Tour Time! Happy New Year! Happy Days getting longer! I will be back on the road in late January, touring Southern and Northern California with two gifted improvisers: multi-instrumentalist Daniel Berkman & world renowned fretless bassist Steve Lawson, who will be here from the UK for a few very special shows. We’ll be toting an eclectic mini-orchestra of fretless... Read More

New EP – Triptych I (Eight for a Wish)

New Music – The Triptych EP Trilogy This winter I’m releasing a series of three EPs called Triptych. The first EP in the trilogy, Triptych I (Eight for a Wish) is out 11/11. Each of the three Triptych EPs contain 3-4 songs, and they will be available as separate albums for digital download. I’ll also be releasing a Triptych (I, II, III) CD containing all the songs... Read More

Summer/Fall House Concert Series


Artemis & Daniel Berkman Room for Living Tour I’m doing a series of house concerts this summer and fall with multi-instrumentalist Daniel Berkman. We’re toting an eclectic mini orchestra of flute, cello, ukulele, keys, percussion, kora, and gadgets, playing new and seasoned material and improv. We’ll be all over the US map, and we may be landing near you – please RSVP... Read More

Improv Life (Part I)


Love at First Leap Part of why I’m so excited about the new album from Steve Lawson & Daniel Berkman is not just the fact that I’m singing on it, but that it captures my first experience of an entirely improvised live performance. Of course everything I ever write is improvised at first, and I’ve done loads of improvising in rehearsals and jam sessions, but... Read More

New Album(s) & Summer Tour!

Artemis w/ Daniel Berkman @ Awaken Cafe, January 2013

New Album The new album by Steve Lawson & Daniel Berkman, FingerPainting, is out! It’s the entirety of the first show from January’s house concert tour, all live improvisation, Steve on fretless bass and Daniel playing handsonic, gravikord, kora, keys and various electronic doohickeys. Both guys doing loads of looping and effects, and who knows who’s playing... Read More

Photos & Video from House Concert Tour


I’ll be doing another post soon all about the tour with Steve Lawson and Daniel Berkman. In the meantime, I’ve compiled some photos and videos we’ve gotten from our eight shows and NAMM adventure. I’ll be adding to the album as folks send me pics, and there will be more video from the show at Oakland Awaken Cafe coming soon as well, so stay tuned. Here... Read More

Artemis Presents a House Concert featuring Kira Small & Bryan Beller Monday 2/25

I’m fresh off the heels of an amazingly lovely house concert tour with Steve Lawson & Daniel Berkman – more on that soon, but first, I am very happy to invite you to a house concert *I* will be hosting on Monday 2/25 (7pm) at my home, featuring two soulful and talented musicians all the way from Nashville, Kira Small and Bryan Beller! Kira & Bryan and I have... Read More

New album(s), California House Concert Tour & More!


Well, we seem to be racing down 2013 like it’s the autobahn, and there are loads of fun things just ahead, coming towards us at full tilt. Ready? New album(s)! Last year I wrote about 20 new songs. I’ll be releasing them as a series of EPs, likely a track or two at a time, so there will be a steady stream of new music from me to you coming very soon. Aside from a few... Read More

Two Exciting Shows & A Whole Mess O’ Holiday Goodies


Two Special Shows, Sephyra CDs, Vinyl, T-Shirts & New Video Hello! Please forgive the super-long post…so much to share, so little time! It’s been a busy couple months, with a successful Kickstarter campaign and launch of the new Sephyra album and music video – a million thanks to everyone who participated. It’s been an amazing artful adventure, and so... Read More

Two video premieres tonight!


The new music video for ‘Down by the River’, made possible by 152 loveliest of pledgers and their amazing generosity and faith in this project, is done! ‘Down by the River’ will premiere tonight at Post:Arts, celebrating Post:Ballet’s fourth season kickoff at 111 Minna in SF. The event is FREE, and it’s from 6pm-9pm. If you’re in the area,... Read More